The Republican Party Conspiracy to Make Obama One Term President

The Republican Party's plot against the American people and indeed, the world, is now front and center of our political debate. We have a President that was elected to fix the mess left behind by George W. Bush, being obstructed by the SAME republicans in Congress who voted with Bush's out of control spending, irresponsible tax cuts to the wealthy, and unfunded mandates to the states.

What happened shortly after Barack Obama was elected? With all the problems facing our country; the most powerful Republicans in Congress at the time, Mitch McConnell, vowed publicly, that his top priority was to make the President a "One Term" president. The proof is in the pudding - as the GOP obstructed everything the president wanted to do - even voting against proposals that was once popular with Republicans, like the transportation bill - which - until Mr. Obama, was a bread-and-butter bill for both parties to take home.

It appears that hatred for the "Kenyan" in the White House - trumps the needs of the country. Now that's 'UN-American!"

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