Mitt Romney Caught on Video Dipicting Obama Voters as Lazy

I have been sounding the bells here and elsewhere on the web about the 'Real' Mitt Romney. No - I do not know the man personally, but neither does he know President Obama personally, but he questions the President's heart and values everyday on the campaign trail. Now finally, what he tells his wealthy friends in private, comes out on the video; and on it Mr. Romney speaks the truth about his real views on the Americans who support Obama. Essentially, they are lazy leaches who just collect government handouts while paying no income tax. Then the republican nominee for the Presidency of these United States indicated that he is not concerned about them because they pay no taxes - therefore they are victims who will always vote for President Obama.

What's worse? Listen to the passion and the utter contempt Mr. Romney has in his heart for that working and poor 47% of Americans. So he wants to be president of the other 53% - and damn the working and struggling poor. There is no way to walk this back. Finally, though through sting operation, we finally get a look inside the heart and mind of Mitt Romney - all he really cares about is 'Firing' Obama so he can be president. That's it -- an entitlement that he believes belongs to him at this time.

Mr. Romney - good luck winning 100% of the remaining 53% of 'working-non-lazy' Americans. Oh by the way - 70% of the 47% you claim are lazy are mostly white, elderly, and hardworking, some are even Republicans. The GOP selected the worse possible candidate for the most series election since World War II. Money does not win elections - people do!